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The Christian Service program at Saint Joe provides students the opportunity to serve God, the Church and the world. 

Every student possesses unique gifts granted by God. At Saint Joe, we aim for students to discover their gifts, and to apply them in ways that benefit others, particularly the poor and marginalized. Students complete unpaid service to non-profits annually, engaging in the real-life application of Catholic Social Teaching or enacting a Spiritual or Corporal Work of Mercy. We hope to develop a culture of service that extends well beyond  the required hours of service and a student's four years at Saint Joseph High School to spend a life serving with joy.

 Aidan's Masterpiece

Founded in memory of Aidan Short, a member of the Class of 2019 who passed away his junior year, Aidan's Masterpiece is a student club committed to service. Aidan was known for his bright spirit and readiness to serve others, and his calling lives on through a new tradition at Saint Joe. Every month after All-School Mass, one student organization passes the candle to another; inviting the next group to be of service in the month ahead. This continuity of service done in Aidan's memory has become a cornerstone of the student experience.