INdiana Quiz Bowl 
 2017 Rotary Indiana Championship (22 Apr 17 @ Ancilla College)
 Down to the Wire 

In both divisions, the maximum number of games had to be played in order to determine a winner.

In the Small School division, the fact that there were only two teams did not mean that it wasn't competitive. North White won the preliminary game, but then North Miami nipped them in the playoffs to force a deciding third game. North White prevailed, meaning the school has now won their fourth consecutive state title.

In the Large School division, several teams made their bid to compete for the title. In another year, Avon and Culver Academies might have been the two teams in the final. But Harrison and Saint Joseph managed to squeak by those two, the former winning by large margins all day and the latter winning by less comfortable margins. But the preliminary game between the two titans showed that Saint Joe perhaps had the kryptonite to stop Harrison. Harrison came back to win the first playoff match, setting up an epic tiebreaking game.

The teams traded the lead back and forth before appropriately ending in a tie at the end. This meant sudden death overtime, the first time a state championship has ever been decided that way. Three tossups: Harrison got the first; Saint Joe got the second; then Saint Joe dramatically got the last. It was the second year in a row that the Indians, ranked 148th in the nation, needed three games to outlast the Raiders, ranked 162nd.