INdiana Quiz Bowl 
 2008 Culver Academies Kickoff (20 Oct 07 @ Culver Academies)
 St. Joe Finishes Undefeated 

To start the 2007-08 season, Culver Academies hosted a "kick-off" tournament. It featured the three Indiana teams who excelled at national tournaments last year: Culver Academies, who represented the state at NAQT Nationals, St. Joseph's, who followed up their fifth-place 2006 run at NAC Nationals with fifteenth last year, and Harrison, who ran the table in Indiana and then won the entire NAC national tournament.

But a changing of the guard may be taking place. St. Joe went 9-0 to end Harrison's unbeaten streak and warm up for the St. Joseph Valley regular season.

Probably the most pivotal game came in the afternoon between Harrison A and Culver Academies A. Culver had won the Maroon Group in the morning with a 5-0 record, but the Raiders felled them 210-80 to secure a spot in the finals.

Good luck to all teams in their conferences, and gear up for the Dogfight at Brownsburg in a month!