INdiana Quiz Bowl 
 2007 Dogfight (Dec 06 @ Brownsburg)
 Harrison Overcomes an Obstacle 

How likely is it that Harrison needed to take out its frustrations on the Quiz Bowl gods? After all, the Raiders have played second fiddle at the Dogfight to Brebeuf the past two years, and they actually had never won this tournament in its seven years of existence, despite winning three state championships during the same period.

Harrison sailed the entire day, racking up a high average and many victims along the way. In fact, they were only threatened once, in the final against Culver Academies.

The real fight was to see who might emerge as the challenger to the Harrison dominance. In "The Pound", Brownsburg went undefeated, and second-place Brebeuf had a close loss to Brownsburg and an even closer loss to McCutcheon. In "The Junkyard", three teams were 4-1. Avon came within a whisker of going undefeated, and, although they defeated both Marion and Culver Academies 2, lost out on points to those two. "The Doghouse" featured a colossal fight, with both Culver Academies 1 and St. Joseph's 4-0 going into Round 5. The Eagles won that game by only 10, but the Indians did make the playoffs.

In the playoffs, there were few surprises. The four dominant teams (Harrison, Culver, Brownsburg, and St. Joseph's) all won easily. Then Harrison prevailed over St. Joe and Culver beat Brownsburg. And the finals saw Harrison put the finishing touches on a terrific tournament.