INdiana Quiz Bowl 
 2007 Culver Academies Invitational (24 Feb 07 @ Culver Academies)
 Culver Wins Best-of-Three 

Culver Academies hosted their third annual Culver Invitational on Saturday, February 24th. Combined with it was the Frosh/Soph Tourney, which had been a separate event last year.

In both halves of the varsity draw, there was a clear victor. In the Gold Group, Culver A mashed the competition; in the Maroon Group, it was Lafayette Harrison A who was crushing opponents.

However, there were stories lower in the draw. The Gold Group featured a strong group of Harrison juniors (the seniors were in the other half); there was also, for the first time in Indiana Quiz Bowl, a team from Indiana School for the Deaf. The latter group played in a room with a specially-outfitted PowerPoint presentation that put the questions on-screen word-by-word. Teams would buzz in and write their answers on whiteboard. The Maroon Group had a virtual tie between Pioneer and St. Joseph's, whose game came down to the last question: Pioneer appeared to break the tie by negging on the last question, but a check on the score after the game revealed that there actually had not been a tie going into that last question, so Pioneer had won by 5 instead of losing by 5.

Since the game between Culver and Harrison was scheduled last, it essentially turned into a best-of-three championship, which Harrison won. By staying undefeated throughout the tournament, Harrison's overall record is now a whopping 24-0, making them a prohibitive favorite to win State.

The Frosh/Soph Division of the tournament was a three-way battle between Harrison, Culver, and St. Joseph's. During the round-robin portion of the tourney, St. Joe beat Culver, Culver beat Harrison, and Harrison beat St. Joe. In addition to matching 6-1 records, the three teams were separated by only 40 points. A coin toss made Harrison the #1 team, but it was St. Joe who prevailed, first by beating Culver, then by beating Harrison in the final.