INdiana Quiz Bowl 
 2006 Culver Academies Invitational (4 Mar 06 @ Culver Academies)
 Culver Wins Own Invitational 

Culver Academies hosted their second annual Culver Invitational on Saturday, March 4th. It was a wild affair, with no team emerging unscathed, although the hosts did manage only one loss all day.

On one side of the draw, Culver A and Harrison A beat up on the competition, while their head-to-head match was decided by only 60 points. One the other side of the draw, St. Joseph's turned in a perfect performance despite not having a single varsity player because of the conflict with State Mock Trial. Second place on that side came down to two half-game playoffs, because Brebeuf, Clay, and Culver B all had identical records. Brebeuf played extremely well without their top player, proving that they are not just a one-man team.

In the afternoon rounds, St. Joseph's Cinderella story came to an unceremonious end against both Culver and Harrison, so that left the latter two to fight it out in the championship. It was a best-of-three affair, with Culver's morning win counting as the first game. Like a true defending state champ, Harrison would not quit and forced the rubber match. In that deciding game, Culver ended up victorious, 310-230.