INdiana Quiz Bowl 
 2021 IASP State Championship (6 Mar 21 @ Purdue/ONLINE)
 Saint Joe Zooms to the Top 

Last year, just before COVID forced everyone into quarantine, Saint Joseph managed to scrape through to win an eighth NAQT state title and the first sponsored by the Indiana Association of School Principals. The year since was not kind to quiz bowl. Almost every tournament was cancelled, and those that weren't had to morph to an online format. IASP was able to draw upon the expertise of Purdue's team, which had to navigate its own transition to virtual, so IASP State was a go.

On paper, Carmel looked to be loaded and ready to bring Saint Joseph's reign to an end. The Greyhounds boasted a higher national ranking, had placed higher in every tournament in which both teams played, had won head-to-head by comfortable margins, and even owned a B team win against Saint Joe's varsity. Plus Carmel had a higher average in their area qualifier than Saint Joe to gain the #1 seed.

The two teams hurtled toward each other in the playoffs until facing off in the Main Zoom room. There, Saint Joe built a huge lead in the first half, only to see Carmel erase it all. The Indians won the last tossup on classical music to take the winners' bracket, 395-345.

After Carmel survived Harrison to win the bounceback bracket, the two teams incredibly did it again. Down by 100 after the first half, Carmel came back and took the lead going into the last question. But Saint Joe would not be denied, this time nabbing a video game tossup and getting 20 on the bonus to eke out the championship, 335-330.

Bounceback Bracket Round of 16 Winners' Bracket Finals Champion
Carmel North Central North Central Greenfield-Central Greenfield-Central Homestead Homestead #1. Carmel Carmel Carmel Carmel Saint Joseph Saint Joseph
390 290 250 220 #16. Homestead 685
210 Homestead 150 Center Grove #8. Center Grove Portage 425
260 Center Grove 100
175 Barr-Reeve 210 #9. Portage 40
Harrison 245
180 Center Grove Andrean 80 Barr-Reeve #4. North Central North Central North Central 345
Madison Consolidated 395
185 85 #13. Barr-Reeve 350
280 Center Grove 105 Madison Consolidated #5. Culver Academies Culver Academies 265
310 290
265 Center Grove 180 #12. Madison Consolidated 180
Harrison Harrison Portage Portage 310 Valparaiso #2. Saint Joseph Saint Joseph Saint Joseph Saint Joseph 335
Rensselaer Central 440
490 240 70 #15. Valparaiso 720
155 Rensselaer Central 260 Rensselaer Central #7. Rensselaer Central Greenfield-Central 385
430 Culver Academies 100
120 Avon 340 #10. Greenfield-Central -5 Carmel
135 Culver Academies Culver Academies 105 Avon #3. Harrison Harrison Harrison 395
Crown Point 495
250 130 #14. Avon 490
370 Crown Point 220 Crown Point #6. Andrean Andrean 225 330
185 Valparaiso 225 #11. Crown Point 155